Chippie & Just Me 

Father & son Chippie & Just Me is an unique Dutch music duo, taking the world by storm. The two both left handed creative monsters, they are often mistaken for brothers, are the creators and driving force behind their own EDM Concept and label WREKONIZE.

Their latest official single, “Beggin For Love,” with the power house Magic & Beyond, is climbing the charts worldwide as we speak and this is just the beginning. “Beside our own careers, we like to play and work together. There is no greater feeling than sharing the love of music with your own son. Especially on the road!” Says a proud Chippie. “It’s a great feeling that your father supports you in what you do. And what can he say? i got it from him!” Says Just Me. Wrekonize that.


Chippie & Just Me – Still Loving You

Chippie & Just Me – Let’s Go

New Releases:

Chippie & Just Me ft magic & Beyond – Beggin For Love


DJ Chippie is what we call a real living legend. Father of the multi-talented DJ Just Me and proud grandfather (!) of two, Chippie, aka Mr. Wrekonize, aka Mr Ageless is 30 year music Industry veteran. Wheter it’s behind the scenes, or spining back to back with his son at their own EDM Concept WREKONIZE, Chippie is a real music addict.

Back in 1995 he shook up the scene with his debut single “Nak A Pokoe” and his second single ‘Mooie Vrouwen” released in 1996, is till this day the number one floor filler in The Netherlands.

With his new single “Beggin For Love” a collabo with his son DJ Just Me and the producer Power House Magic & Beyond, Chippie will shake up the industry once again. If you did it before, you can do it again,” says Chippie. “I’m in it for the love of music. Music is my wife, music is my life!”


Chippie – Nak A Pokoe

Chippie ft Lewis – Mooie Vrouwen

Chippie – Hey Chippie Nak A Pokoe Anniversary Remix

Chippie & Just Me – let’s Go

Chippie & Just Me ft Soniq – Still Loving You

Chippie ft Lewis – Mooie Vrouwen ( Tomcio Remix )

Chippie, Tomcio & The Fissa Party Crew – Potje Dansen

New releases:

Chippie & Just Me ft Magic & Beyond – Beggin For Love



Just Me 

Just Me is that type of man that got music running trough his veins. His father, DJ Chippie, used to rock him to sleep with music as a baby and as soon as he was old enough, Chippie bought him a walkman wich became his longtime compagnion.

At the early age of 13, Chippie took his son on the road and there Just Me developed the love for being a Club DJ. At 15, Just Me started producing and never stopped ever since. With such a rich musical background, Just Me, now 25, is ready to take on the world with his wide range of productions. His debut single “Pachu Pe” reached the number one status on Dance Tunes and together with his father he developed their own record label and EDM Concept called WREKONIZE.

Their latest single “Beggin For Love”, with Magic & Beyond, is climbing the charts as we speak and his solo single “Underwater” is already endorsed by several big names in the industry. “I truly believe I was born to do this” says Just Me, “It was always my dream and now I’m living my dream life.” Wrekonize that.


Just Me – Pachu Pe

Just Me – Underwater

Just Me – You Are fabulous

Chippie & Just Me – Let’s Go

Chippie & Just Me Ft Sonic – Still Loving You

New Releases:

Chippie & Just Me ft Magic & Beyond – Beggin For Love

Just Me ft Elton Jonathan – Grateful

Mc Rmageddon

When you look up the word armageddon in the Dictionary, well, than you might get an idea of what your Club is gonna look like when this man is done. MC RmagedDon is a true Party Starter than can bring life to a funeral, a divorce to a wedding, well, he can even turn a Business Club into a Strippers Club.

We are just kidding afcourse but what we are saying is that this veteran Rapper turned MC is a force to be rekoned with. Within minutes he owns any party and turns the place with his impressive appereance and voice, with ease upside down. “Whether it’s a stadium or a private event, I always get the job done,” says Rmageddon. “Size doesn’t matter.”



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